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Reddit is a great site, but opening every interesting link is time-consuming, so I decided to write an application that generates RSS feeds with full articles. This software downloads every popular page posted on Reddit, extracts the actual content (without navigational menus, ads, comments and social links) and then uploads the feeds to a web server. The feeds are updated once/twice a day.

Sample feeds: Reddit – All (week top), Reddit – I took a picture (week top), Reddit – Programming (day top), Reddit – WTF (day top)

Complete list of feeds:

It’s still a beta version, so suggestions are welcome. Note: occasionally the program fails to recognize useless stuff and includes it in the final article.

You can read the comments page on Reddit by clicking the link at the bottom of each article:


The program is written in C# with .NET 4 and HtmlAgilityPack. It supports Reddit, StackExchange and a few forum engines.


Guest said...

What about support for custom subreddits?

antiufo said...

Any suggestions?

antiufo said...

Any suggestions?

Guest said...


Guest said...

Here is a good list if the feeds are easy to make: But I don't know how long it takes to make these feeds

Ryan Hinshelwood said...

Something that would make my life much easier is if the headline contained "[VIDEO]" if the article contained video content. In Google Reader, I star articles without video content to send to my kindle later, and send videos to Read It Later. It's not always obvious just by the headline what the article contains.

norz said...

Very useful, thank you!

Daniel Kwok said...


robin hood said...

Well I think it is a good thing and now no one will be bothered by opening any link on Reddit, the application you have generated it vps hosting

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