JSON C# Class Generator

This application generates C# classes from sample JSON text.

This is a really useful piece of code for people who like strongly typed languages but have to deal with unstructured JSON data.

It currently supports typed arrays, typed objects, integers, floats, booleans, strings and nullable types.


Download: http://jsonclassgenerator.codeplex.com/



Rutger said...

Great tool, use it a lot!

Anonymous said...

How to addapt this tool to use this others serializers like ServiceStack much faster that Newtonsoft?.

Andrea Martinelli said...

Currently it only supports deserialization using an internal mechanism. The next version will support serialization too.

Anonymous said...

The best tool ever!

4oresite said...

I started using this simple utility and it is a HUGE time saver! Great work!

X2mohsinali said...

I get an error, "object reference not set to an instance ... "
This happens in the JsonType class.


is the link that returns the json. I have verified the Json using json lint. Its fine.

antiufo said...


Shaleen said...

Great tool..is there a way i can invoke it's functionality through command line....would be handy for silent conversion using a script..!

Klemens said...

how do I deserialize a json string into these generated classes?
I do not have a constructor on the main class accepting a string.


antiufo said...


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