TinEye Client

TinEye Client is an extension for Windows Explorer that adds TinEye to the context menu of image files.

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that looks up equal or similar images in the internet, so you can find where an image comes from, or download a larger version of the original image.

Step 1: right click any image on your computer:

Copia di Example_Enabled

Step 2: TinEye Client will automatically upload a compressed copy of the image:


Step 3: You are redirected to the TinEye results page:



TinEye Client 1.1



Vishnu K V said...

Tineye doesnt appear on context menu :(

Andrea Martinelli said...

@Vishnu K V
Are you using XP, Vista or 7? Did you try to disable and re-enable the option? Do you receive any error messages?

Christian said...

Nice work! Elegant tool!
Just what I was looking for :)
Works just fine i my WE/Win7
I'm impressed!

janegi said...

Nor on mine. (Win 7)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! Simple and elegant. Great execution!!!

JTBrinkmann said...

I always was looking forward for that!

A. Nim said...

Why not give us the option to search for similar images locally?

antiufo said...

You can use PictureRelate

Spagnum said...

Great work.... Thanks!

SecretMe said...

Me too. Windows 7.

SecretMe said...

I've found the problem (for me, anyway). My default app for images is ACDSee - I changed the default app back to Windows Photo Viewer and the TinEye option was presented on the right-click menu.

Can anyone else replicate? I've provided feedback to the developer. Hopefully we can help trouble shoot this.

Anonymous7 said...

I just confirmed it, thanks

biosystemics said...

Confirmed it as well; thanks.

Ono said...

Great plugin, thank you! I use TinEye mostly to get the largest image available for something low resolution I've downloaded elsewhere. What I'd like to see, if TinEye could support it, would be a full directory search of images on your computer and automatically downloading the largest one.

Max V Gutov said...

Hello! I've got some problem. I use ESET Smart Security for firewaling connetions. Then i try to upload image, firewall asks me what to do - i'm, of course, made the rule to always allow traffic for TinEye Client. But its alays shows an error "Upload failed". But if i completely disabling firewall, its ok. What i must check? Thanx

Jean said...

On Xp sp3, TinEye Client disappears from shell.
I think it's the result of the install of a new version of Office... not sure of that (anyway, the default app for images was Windows Photo Viewer) !
Best regards & thanks

Luke Wilson said...

Doesn't work for me on Win 7 either :(

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