TrackFolderChanges is a simple application that displays in real time any changes to the file system (you can also restrict the search to a specific folder and its subfolders).

New files and folders are displayed in green, modified files in blue and deleted ones in red. Note that items will appear as soon as there is something to show, unchanged folders are not displayed. Right click an item to copy its path or to open its parent folder.

The application is written in C# and the source code is available on Codeplex.

Download | Track Folder Changes 1.1


anonymuos1 said...

Nice but why only one drive at a time? Multiple drives are a must. :)

Aisrael16 said...

Bueno siempre necesite una herramienta como esta pero no soy muy bueno programando...
¿Porque solo una unidad si quiero copiar, combinar.....?
Igual muchas gracias y buen aporte tienes mucho talento(eres una capa)

alex said...

Hi. Working on my C... but not working on a network disk... First change detected but the programs stops after that.

reemus said...

Works well. Does it output to a log file?

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