PC Remote Control


Access your computer remotely with a web browser!

  • File Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Command Prompt
  • Execute custom AutoIt3 code from the browser
  • Shutdown and restart
  • Chat


This download is no longer available.


  • Does not work behind a router
  • Not tested with Vista/7

What's new & Features

Planned for next version:

  • Vista / 7 support
  • Router support

Version 3:

  • Latency 300ms: 1000% faster
  • Fast direct connection with AJAX: You do not need to wait for page refresh for every command
  • Download entire folders as zip files
  • Very faster video control with mouse & keyboard support, user input blocking, image resizing and quality selector
  • Doesn't need external intermediate webserver
  • Bug fixes
  • eMule status informations (not opened, not installed...)
  • Server configuration GUI window (no more INI files to edit)
  • Secure connection: Now it is impossible to use an existing session to access the computer
  • Open section in new window
  • User name access for computers with dynamic IP from common login page: http://antiufo.altervista.org/remote
  • Who Is IP
  • Searches for updates automatically
  • New graphics
  • EXE Installer
  • Login with request to the user
  • Possibility to translate the program
  • Possibility to change the TCP Port

Version 2:

  • Command prompt
  • Chat between remote and local user
  • File transfer now works

First release:

  • Task manager: view and kill processes
  • Execution of AutoIt3 code from web form
  • Transfer, copy, move and delete files and folders
  • Shutdown and restart the computer and close the server program
  • Secure login with MD5 hash exchanges (You will not be able to see the password if you intercept the TCP streams)


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aggiorna il link del download!

Belhadj GuerGuer said...

"This download is no longer available."

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