FizzlerEx is a CSS3/Jquery selectors library for HtmlAgilityPack.
It contains a lot of useful selectors that make it easy to extract information from real-world HTML pages using .NET.
In particular, :split-* and :between(h1; hr), :after/:before(..) allow to handle documents where the HTML hierarchy does not reflect the represented data (eg. the structure of the elements is flat, and the subnodes of many entities are listed under the same parent)
Example: .main:split-after(b)


Another useful addition is :select-parent, which navigates to the parent of the matched node(s).
More features (compared to original versions of Fizzler and HtmlAgilityPack)
  • Noticeable performance improvements (compiled selectors caching, allocation-free nodes traversal)
  • New selectors (has, not, contains, split, between, select-parent…)
  • Root anchoring (/div > .example)
  • VisualFizzler improvements (highlighting of single / all results, fixed performance issues and incorrect highlighting, automatically detect best type of paste: URL, html or selector)
See for more info and syntax help.


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