JavaScript Middle Click Fixer

One of the most annoying things on the web are JavaScript-based image galleries. Often, you can’t middle-click single images in order to open them in background tabs, because Firefox will open a blank javascript tab.

This is what JavaScript Middle Click Fixer, a Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, tries to fix.

If the thumbnail image contains a JavaScript command (onclick or href=”javascript:…”), this extension reads the linked picture from the code (when possible), and opens it in a new tab.

If a linked image is not found, this extension forces the browser to use the same tab, so the JavaScript code runs properly.

Download: Middle Click Javascript Fixer 1.1

Requires Firefox 4 and Greasemonkey or Scriptish.

Middle click fixer


generic said...

Can you please make this for FF3?

Andrea Martinelli said...

Firefox 4 is now complete. You can download it and install it.

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