HtmlOs is an HTML Application (HTA) I wrote some years ago. It was written in HTML and JavaScript. It's a mini operating systems that runs on Windows and contains some basic applications: a file manager, notepad, media player and image viewer.

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HtmlOs 1.0 (September 30, 2004)
  • First version
  • Setup program
  • Longhorn-like GUI
  • Slow rollover effects
  • No programs
  • No possibility to create UI programs
HtmlOs 2.0 (November 27, 2004)
  • Programs
    • Media Player
    • Images Viewer
    • Calculator
    • Notepad
  • Graphic improvements (background, start menu, window dragging system)
  • System improvements (application execution environment, shutdown window with Go to Windows and Restart, Running applications menu)
  • Improved sound effects
  • Control panel
  • Activation
HtmlOs 3.0 (April 4, 2005)
  • Easier to create new programs
  • VirtualHtmlOs (HtmlOs inside a HtmlOs window)
  • New boot screen
  • Animations
  • Internal improvements
  • More customizable
  • Separate shells:
    • DefaultUI (GUI)
    • Prompt (JavaScript console)
    • Null (empty window, right click to execute JavaScript code)
  • Improved install/uninstall process
  • Log file
  • HtmlOs documentation
  • Possibility to create pop-ups
  • Centralized language files (.lng)
  • Files associations and icons

HtmlOs 4 (not completed)
  • Explorer
  • HTML image and variables dumping for problem resolution
  • Open with…
  • Extended wallpapers, not just textures
  • Multiple installations
  • Drag'n'drop
  • HtmlOs emulator (executes HtmlOs apps outside HtmlOs)
  • Improved activation system, with GUI
  • Possibility to try HtmlOs before to activate it
  • New functions and Ini class to work with .ini files
  • Improved dialog windows
  • Improved Run window
HtmlOs XP (not completed)
  • Completely rewritten boot system
  • Improved advanced dialog boxes system
  • Improvements in activation system

Note: HtmlOs development is abandoned.

Download is not available.



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