What I use

This is a list of my favorite software I use on my PC.

Windows7Orb Microsoft Windows 7
A new revolution in user experience, with the technical improvements of Windows Vista, optimized performance and new features.
Zune Zune
Browse music, not spreadsheets.
firefox2005 Firefox
Out of the box, it’s a crappy browser, but after applying the right extensions with the right mix of settings, it becomes the best browser ever.
onenote Microsoft OneNote 2010
I couldn't live without it. It keeps track of all my ideas, all my TODOes, it knows all the things I like, all the thinks I love.
writer Windows Live Writer
The awesome tool I'm using to write this blog.
msnmsgr Windows Live Messenger
Good instant messaging application (without Messenger Plus or other dumb extensions, and with emoticons disabled). The new version perfectly integrates with Facebook chat and has a wonderful Facebook album viewer.
devenv Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
It's my paradise. Intellisense, real-time error checker, the beauty of the .NET Framework, Language Integrated Queries, perfect user experience.
Windows PowerShell
A wonderful .NET scripting environment. On linux, everything is a file. On PowerShell, everything is an object.
mail Windows Live Mail
Good mail and RSS reader.
image VirusTotal
I don't use a real-time antivirus. Just a bit of good sense: I use Windows Updates, I don't install scareware and fake antivirus, SuperMagicVideoCodec.exe, Serial.exe, etc. If a program look suspicious to me, I upload it to VirusTotal, where it will be scanned by 30+ different antivirus products.
notepad2 Notepad2
Advanced text-editor. Uncluttered UI, zoom with CTRL+mouse wheel, syntax colorization.
Very useful tool to understand where the disk space is used
autoruns AutoRuns
See everything is loaded on startup: drivers, shell extensions, etc. Makes possible to filter Microsoft entries and can check digital signatures of these files. Every entry can be disabled or deleted.
smsniff Smart Sniff
Program to see the TCP/UDP traffic of running applications, I use it for HTTP automation tools.
reshack Resource Hacker
Extracts or replaces icons, bitmaps and dialog boxes from Win32 files.
procexp Process Explorer
Very useful task manager from Microsoft. Makes possible to understand exactly what is happening on a computer.
articons ArtIcons
Icon editor. Many features, light-weight, good user experience.
au AutoIt3
Handy scripting language to automate tasks, set customized hotkeys and create simple Win32 executables.
cmenu CMenu
Organizes the context-menu in sub-menus (Unlocker, VirusTotal, PEID, TrID, Universal Extractor, Notepad, Copy path, Change extension))


JJ said...

Suggestion, if you like music, try foobar2000.

Andre said...

Har du skrivd Songr i Autoit? o_o

antiufo said...


Luke said...

WinDirStat is great! You might want to consider switching from Notepad2 to SublimeText 2 though.

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