Xamasoft - new company website

I've recently registered an LLC company, here's the web site: Xamasoft website :)
I will keep this blog for personal posts and minor applications.


Rodrigo Pinheiro dos Santos said...

This is really cool! I love Songr and your job! Congratulations! I have a small question: is there a possibility of you making a version of Sogr to other systems such as Linux or Mac, or Android? Just explaining, I asked this because I am in the process of migration: Windows to Linux. I really like Songr and is a program that I'm really missing. Thanks for listening! (read, in this case) :-)
PS: Sorry if you do not understand something I wrote. I am Brazilian and I am "rusty" in English. :P

Agnieszka Zawadzka said...

what do you think about windows live?

Aaron Banks said...

This was awesome, I was thinking about getting some Langley windows of my own so I can be just like you.

CyberRob said...

Songr is great. Why did you have to spoil it for everyone by bundling up the malicious and dangerous Delta suite along with the variety of other sub programs? I'm IT and its taken me almost an hour to remove it all..and Songr.
Was it threats or money? I can't imagine any good programmer selling out like this?

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